Work Your Abs in 4 Easy Steps


1. Start in a bundle, holding you knees close to your chest. Take a few deep breaths (3-5) as you roll left to right (this is a great massage for the back). Next, begin to rock back and forth, inhale as you rock back, exhale as you rock forward. (3-5 breaths)

2. During the last few breaths begin to use your abs to stop your momentum as you rock forward to a modified boat pose. Continue inhaling as you rock back and exhaling as you rock forward making sure to use your abs to stabilize your boat pose. Be sure to keep your back straight, pulling your shoulders down while drawing your shoulder blades in towards your spine. You may stay here and skip to #3 and go on to #4.

3. If you are feeling strong you can try rocking back and rocking forward into full boat pose. As you exhale into boat pose engage your core to pull your navel in towards your spine. (This will work your abs even more!)

4. From either modified boat or the full expression take an inhale, as you exhale use your core to lower both your legs and torso just about 3 inches from the ground. (remember to pull your navel in towards your spine) On the next inhale come back to boat pose.

Try this short sequence for about 5-10 minutes and your abs are sure to thank you.

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