Monday Motivation: Be a Dreamer

When I was a kid, one of my favorite movies was Pinocchio. I loved seeing the story of a wooden boy who dared to dream. Sure, he went through some ups and downs but he never forgot his one true dream. Even when things looked bleak, he kept on believing that one day he’d be a real boy. I mean he was up against it, sold into puppet slavery, turned into a donkey and even swallowed by a whale. It took a tiny insect and the magnetic power of his wooden heart for his dream to finally come true. The beauty is, it DID!

As an adult, I often think about old Pinocchio, and how he never gave up on his dream. It’s only at this point in my life that I truly understand the concept of dreaming. Not dreaming in the sense of loose consciousness, but the actualization of true desire. You hear celebrities say being an actor, dancer, or musician was their dream. To relate, you must really understand the true yearning and desire to be, see, or have something you’ve always wanted. You must also know that you are worthy, and that no one has to give you permission to dream.

The mentality of defeat and failure is what often keeps us from believing we can have what we want. With the rise of manifesting concepts like The Secret, Law of Attraction, Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, and Clear Consciousness, the blue print to having what you want seems attainable. Unfortunately, many of us lack the motivation, or even the desire to go for what we want. We feel the agony of defeat before we even try.

To live the life you dream of, know what you want. Discover what you desire and fill your life with things that bring you joy. Remember the excitement you felt as a kid the night before Christmas? You could barely sleep because the excitement was both agonizing and exhilarating. That’s the feeling you want to invoke when you discover what your dreams are. Once you recognize that “thing” or those “things” that make you feel good, do more! Let each day be a new discovery of “The Night Before Christmas.”

Be Good. Do Good. Feel Good.

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