Lunar Lotus Yoga x Bloom & Give

IMG_20150830_133719I’m happy to announce I’m an ambassador for Bloom & Give!

Bloom & Give is an apparel company that sells beautiful handmade goods. They also have a passion for yoga. 50 percent of their proceeds from sales go towards educating girls. Giving back is very important to me. I’m always finding different ways to volunteer and help the less fortunate. Being an ambassador allows me to do that in a new way.

I’m grateful for the peace, love, and joy I’ve found through yoga. I love connecting with a company that ingrains those elements into each piece they sell. Not only do they create products, they make a difference. Every time you make a purchase, that money goes to girls in need. You’re helping make a better life for someone just by shopping!

I’ll keep you up to date on what’s new at Bloom & Give. Check in often for special offers and other updates!

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My Journey to Happiness – Part 2

I‘m about 60 days in on my Happiness Planner and I have to say my life is transforming right before my eyes. 30 days ago, my life had already improved. I found excitement in small accomplishments. I kept my environment clean and organized and had an almost endless supply of creativity. Those may seem like miniscule things, but remember depression had me trapped in a steel cage. Overcoming mental roadblocks was a huge accomplishment.

At day #58 and I was surprised by the opportunities coming my way. It’s funny how life works. We think of goals and dreams in such a static way; we tend to forget that life is about the flow of the journey.

I can’t believe what has happened in just under 60 days. First, out of the blue, I received an email from a company wanting a yoga teacher for corporate clients. I was excited about the opportunity. I was skeptical but felt this opportunity came my way for a reason. I interviewed with the company and got the job. They hired me on the spot! Yoga is something I have been passionate about for a long time. To have your passion acknowledged is incredible!

Soon after accepting the yoga position, I received an invitation to perform. If you don’t know, I’m also a singer and song writer. I’m still a bit insecure about my abilities, so it’s hard for me to perform in front of friends, let alone strangers. Then I realized you have to step outside of your comfort zone to make your dreams come true. To my surprise, I felt peace and comfort in my performance and look forward to doing it again.

After roughly two months of using The Happiness Planner, I still maintain an organized environment and make daily goals. I’m learning one of the keys to life is recognizing how it’s a journey; on a journey, you always discover new things and have new desires. When I find myself caught in a cycle of fear, I think of the greatest quote I’ve ever heard:

“And the day came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud, was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin

It reminds me that fearing and avoiding growth and success is more damaging than fear of failure and remaining the same. As long as I stay the same, I will remain where I am and as I am.

Be Good.
Do Good.
Feel Good.

5 Minute Meditation to Get You Through Your Workday

We all know the stress that comes with going to work. Even if you love your job and your coworkers, there moments when you are pushed to your limits. Instead of losing your cool, take a few minutes to find the peace you need to get through your day.

Meditation: Breathing in Peace
Time: 3-5mins

1. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and upright with your legs relaxed.
2. Close your eyes. Focus on your breath.
3. Inhale and think “breathe in peace.”
4. Hold your breath for a moment.
5. Exhale and think “breathe out peace.”
6. Continue this pattern of breathing while allowing peace to permeate your body.
7. Now focus on feeling peace in your heart.
8. Finally, let your mind find peace.

Monday Motivation: Be a Dreamer

When I was a kid, one of my favorite movies was Pinocchio. I loved seeing the story of a wooden boy who dared to dream. Sure, he went through some ups and downs but he never forgot his one true dream. Even when things looked bleak, he kept on believing that one day he’d be a real boy. I mean he was up against it, sold into puppet slavery, turned into a donkey and even swallowed by a whale. It took a tiny insect and the magnetic power of his wooden heart for his dream to finally come true. The beauty is, it DID!

As an adult, I often think about old Pinocchio, and how he never gave up on his dream. It’s only at this point in my life that I truly understand the concept of dreaming. Not dreaming in the sense of loose consciousness, but the actualization of true desire. You hear celebrities say being an actor, dancer, or musician was their dream. To relate, you must really understand the true yearning and desire to be, see, or have something you’ve always wanted. You must also know that you are worthy, and that no one has to give you permission to dream.

The mentality of defeat and failure is what often keeps us from believing we can have what we want. With the rise of manifesting concepts like The Secret, Law of Attraction, Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, and Clear Consciousness, the blue print to having what you want seems attainable. Unfortunately, many of us lack the motivation, or even the desire to go for what we want. We feel the agony of defeat before we even try.

To live the life you dream of, know what you want. Discover what you desire and fill your life with things that bring you joy. Remember the excitement you felt as a kid the night before Christmas? You could barely sleep because the excitement was both agonizing and exhilarating. That’s the feeling you want to invoke when you discover what your dreams are. Once you recognize that “thing” or those “things” that make you feel good, do more! Let each day be a new discovery of “The Night Before Christmas.”

Be Good. Do Good. Feel Good.

My Journey to Happiness – Part 1

I’ve lived with depression for most of my life. It kicked into overdrive afterthe death of one of my dearest friends. My life went from coming together to completely falling apart in a matter of months. Shortly after my loss, I caught the flu from my mom while caring for her. I lost my car due to financial distress, and my income was basically non-existent. I felt like I was in a vortex of darkness and was slipping deeper and deeper each day. My thoughts were erratic and sometimes suicidal.
I was at the end of my rope and ready to try anything! I decided to try therapy. I needed to reclaim my sanity, my peace, and my life. After a few sessions, I started to feel a little more connected to life. I still felt disconnected from, myself, my goals, and my ability to dream.

About a month ago, my best friend casually says, “I have something for you.” She went on to say, “I bought if for myself, but I’m pretty happy. I think it was really meant for you.” I thought to myself, “Goodness! Is my unhappiness that obvious?” I reluctantly agreed to accept the mysterious gift. The gift I received was The Happiness Planner. Next to friendship, it has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.

The pink cover glistened with gold lettering “The Happiness Planner”. Before even opening the book, just the thought of its possibilities excited me! I remember taking a deep breath, and thinking, “I have a lot of work cut out for me, but I’m ready.” At first glance, I was a little intimidated by the probing questionnaires. Questions like, “What makes you happy?” and “What makes you unhappy?” are things I never really thought about. You spend your life saying you want to be happy, but rarely ask yourself what makes you happy. After about a week of deep self-reflection, I felt like I was meeting myself for the first time. I had 100 days of self-discovery ahead of me, full of unlimited possibilities.

In the Happiness Planner, each week presents an opportunity to live with intention. Every day is a new chance to choose what inspires you and set goals accordingly. The applications of the book allowed me to become the organized person I always knew I was. I’m no longer trapped in the messy prison death grip depression had on me. In just a little over a month, I’ve maintained a clean environment, become prompt and aware of time. Also, I have never been so creative in my life.

I’m excited to see what the next 70 days have in store.

Work Your Abs in 4 Easy Steps


1. Start in a bundle, holding you knees close to your chest. Take a few deep breaths (3-5) as you roll left to right (this is a great massage for the back). Next, begin to rock back and forth, inhale as you rock back, exhale as you rock forward. (3-5 breaths)

2. During the last few breaths begin to use your abs to stop your momentum as you rock forward to a modified boat pose. Continue inhaling as you rock back and exhaling as you rock forward making sure to use your abs to stabilize your boat pose. Be sure to keep your back straight, pulling your shoulders down while drawing your shoulder blades in towards your spine. You may stay here and skip to #3 and go on to #4.

3. If you are feeling strong you can try rocking back and rocking forward into full boat pose. As you exhale into boat pose engage your core to pull your navel in towards your spine. (This will work your abs even more!)

4. From either modified boat or the full expression take an inhale, as you exhale use your core to lower both your legs and torso just about 3 inches from the ground. (remember to pull your navel in towards your spine) On the next inhale come back to boat pose.

Try this short sequence for about 5-10 minutes and your abs are sure to thank you.

Yoga Philosophy Basics: The 5 Yamas | Yoga International

Photo by ULA.

From pants to poses, it seems like this is the best time in life to explore yoga. Now that “selfie” and “yoga challenge” are terms synonymous with health and wellness, the practice of yoga has become more accessible than ever.

Take a look at this introduction into the beautiful practice of yoga and go deeper. Namaste! 

Yoga Philosophy Basics: The 5 Yamas | Yoga International.

7 Ways to Master Your Time


Do you ever feel like life is just a sequence of events happening in front of you? Or do you just live each day trying to get as much done as you can, hoping you did enough? Here are 7 ways to master your time and experience the beauty and fullness of life.


6-10 hours of restful sleep will rejuvenate. You will be ready for the greatest days ever!

Get Moving

30 minutes of moderate exercise each day will keep the aches and pains away. Try yoga! (wink, wink)

Keep Things in Focus

Take time to focus and concentrate on what matter most in your life. (This can be a single moment or as long as you need.)

Go Within

Set aside time (at least 3-5 mins) for prayer, meditation, or reflection. Connecting to the source that guides you will not only heighten your awareness, but will also keep you in the moment.

Be Present

This is a time for you to just exist. Take a moment to connect to your own sense of being.
•Inhale for 4 seconds
•Hold for 4 seconds
•Exhale for 4 seconds
•Repeat 3x


Go out and have some fun! Enjoy something each day to keep life fun and interesting.


Spend time with the people who mean the most to you.

There is no set order to this list. Incorporate these activities in to your daily routine as you please and enjoy meaningful results! The inspiration for this list comes from UCLA’s Dr. Daniel J Siegals’ model for mastering time.