Work Your Abs in 4 Easy Steps


1. Start in a bundle, holding you knees close to your chest. Take a few deep breaths (3-5) as you roll left to right (this is a great massage for the back). Next, begin to rock back and forth, inhale as you rock back, exhale as you rock forward. (3-5 breaths)

2. During the last few breaths begin to use your abs to stop your momentum as you rock forward to a modified boat pose. Continue inhaling as you rock back and exhaling as you rock forward making sure to use your abs to stabilize your boat pose. Be sure to keep your back straight, pulling your shoulders down while drawing your shoulder blades in towards your spine. You may stay here and skip to #3 and go on to #4.

3. If you are feeling strong you can try rocking back and rocking forward into full boat pose. As you exhale into boat pose engage your core to pull your navel in towards your spine. (This will work your abs even more!)

4. From either modified boat or the full expression take an inhale, as you exhale use your core to lower both your legs and torso just about 3 inches from the ground. (remember to pull your navel in towards your spine) On the next inhale come back to boat pose.

Try this short sequence for about 5-10 minutes and your abs are sure to thank you.

7 Ways to Stay Healthy at Summer Cookouts

It’s officially cookout season! Here are 7 ways to stay healthy and happy all summer long.

1. Don’t overindulge.

We tend to go a little overboard when we make our plates at cookouts. With so many delicious options to choose from, making healthy choices can be challenging. Balance is key to enjoying food without heartache and indigestion. Throw some grilled veggies on your plate with that  burger or hot dog. Eat sweets in moderation.

2. Keep cold food cold and hot food hot.

Food safety a common concern in the summer. It’s important to store to food at the proper temperature to avoid food-borne illness. Keep cold foods, especially those containing mayonnaise, chilled below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot foods should maintain a temperature above 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Bring healthy offerings.

Do everyone a favor a bring something healthy to eat. Bring vegetables for the grill or fresh fruit. A low fat dessert like Jello is also a good choice.

4. Stay hydrated.

Most of us don’t know when we are dehydrated until it’s too late. Drink plenty of water while you’re outdoors. This is especially important for young children and the elderly. Avoid drinks that contain sugar and caffeine as they will increase the risk of dehydration.

5. Go easy on the alcohol.

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets drunk. Don’t be that person. Drink responsibly.

6. Use sunblock.

Not only is sunburn literally a pain, but too much sun exposure is bad for your health. Wear hats and use sunblock as directed. Take advantage of shaded areas to minimized direct sun exposure.

7. Unplug.

Enjoy being in the company of friends and family. Summer is all about making memories. Put your phone away and have a great time!

Yoga Philosophy Basics: The 5 Yamas | Yoga International

Photo by ULA.

From pants to poses, it seems like this is the best time in life to explore yoga. Now that “selfie” and “yoga challenge” are terms synonymous with health and wellness, the practice of yoga has become more accessible than ever.

Take a look at this introduction into the beautiful practice of yoga and go deeper. Namaste! 

Yoga Philosophy Basics: The 5 Yamas | Yoga International.

7 Ways to Master Your Time


Do you ever feel like life is just a sequence of events happening in front of you? Or do you just live each day trying to get as much done as you can, hoping you did enough? Here are 7 ways to master your time and experience the beauty and fullness of life.


6-10 hours of restful sleep will rejuvenate. You will be ready for the greatest days ever!

Get Moving

30 minutes of moderate exercise each day will keep the aches and pains away. Try yoga! (wink, wink)

Keep Things in Focus

Take time to focus and concentrate on what matter most in your life. (This can be a single moment or as long as you need.)

Go Within

Set aside time (at least 3-5 mins) for prayer, meditation, or reflection. Connecting to the source that guides you will not only heighten your awareness, but will also keep you in the moment.

Be Present

This is a time for you to just exist. Take a moment to connect to your own sense of being.
•Inhale for 4 seconds
•Hold for 4 seconds
•Exhale for 4 seconds
•Repeat 3x


Go out and have some fun! Enjoy something each day to keep life fun and interesting.


Spend time with the people who mean the most to you.

There is no set order to this list. Incorporate these activities in to your daily routine as you please and enjoy meaningful results! The inspiration for this list comes from UCLA’s Dr. Daniel J Siegals’ model for mastering time.

Quick Breakfast: Banana Almond Smoothie (Recipe)

Banana and almond milk smoothie on a table.Get your morning started right with this quick and easy smoothie.  Just blend 3 ingredients and a few minutes later you have a healthy and delicious breakfast. It’s perfect for busy mornings. Whether your day starts with sun salutations or organizing little humans, this smoothie is sure to be a winner. Kid tested and approved!



This sweet morning treat is packed full of calcium and potassium.

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook(Blend) Time: 3 mins
  • Enjoyment: All Morning Long!

Ingredients / Serving Size: 1

  1.  1 cup/ milk beverage (e.g almond milk)
  2.  1 frozen banana
  3.  1 teaspoon of almond butter


  1. Put the milk, banana and almond butter into your blender
  2. Make sure you blender is secure, mix the ingredients until the consistence is smooth
  3. Drink up and be awesome!

(Forget to freeze your banana? No worries! Just throw a few ice cubes in the mix to add a chill to this morning delight!)